Copy Writer at Software House

The project I’ve been working on for three months in a software house is copy writing. Then you can referred me as a copy writer. FYI, most of this software house comes from project-based work. And much is obtained from tenders with government institutions.

  1. Proofreading

Everyone in this office thought I have the best grammar. Of course not true. I did not come up with that ability. Copy writing task forced me to continue learning about grammar. I am not that confident since I only read British newspaper daily. Well, one of the most often I do almost every day is proofreading various clients-related documents. Starting from the tender proposal that we will follow, the project management plan (if we has won the tender), up to the final report to the user.

Writing and filling blank pages into a valuable document is one thing — done by my System Analyst teammate. But proofreading is another thing. Both should be done by different people. FYI, a proofreading process will eventually be followed by rewriting and editing process.

2. Rewriting

We always depart from a small observation about who will read the document. Whether he is a user, or a tender proposal appraiser, or any other positions. Who will read, will determine how a document should be written. Therefore, it is necessary to rewrite the document as a re-adjustment to the reader and the purpose of the reading. Especially the angle of the document writing. We all know that the current reader behavior, is also influenced by various types of content on the internet. One important point is the readability of this era is influenced by the existence of white space, the use of heading, and keyword emphasizing. At the request of the proofreading any other document, I run the Service Desk role.

3. Service Desk

SD have similar role to Customer Service. There are people who come to me for proofreading services, or more recently and have several times: make them an ad copy. Actually most of the task/assignment not takes a lot of time. I may done about 4–5 task everyday. The most often is the proofreading proposal. Done in maximum two days. If you just make an ad copy to broadcast, a few minutes is enough for me.

About copywriter position and terms, usually lies in advertising agencies. If there is a video maker or graphic designer, specifically for word for creation, usually there are copywriters who meet those needs.

4. Social Media

The demands continue. The capacity to compose word by word into sentence. The sentence by sentence into a paragraph. Raising a request to participate in managing the company’s social media. Though each social media medium (such as facebook or linkedin) may not have the same treatment. Each demands a different kind of content. Since the different social media has different audience and objectives.

FYI, to "pull out" word by word in creating content, have to read and read more. And in the "wanderings", I found that the content (including those in social media) should be manage strategically.

5. Content Strategist
For example, one of the two target audience in the software house, other than the user or customer, is the existing employees and the prospective employees. Each of these audiences need to be managed differently. That's one of our initiative in targeting audience strategically.

Another fact is many content scattered in different functions of the company. Those content need to be collected, organised, and aligned with each other into one tone, style, and voice.

In Singapore, the industry / category is better known as the Digital Agency. While in Indonesia, these companies are better known as Software House - even this phrase is more familiar to use than the phrase software company. Phrases such as this must be known because in this internet era, one of the user behaviors (behavior) that need to be more anticipated is search engine. So SEO ability is the one should also be mastered.

Strategic vs Tactical
. Because of its strategic nature, then its focus is on content only. In the tactical delivery, these content should be adjusted again with their respective contexts. Among respective contents are: target audience, the type of medium used, and so forth.

Well, in the determination of this strategy, last but not least is the indicators and targets determination of each activities to be done.

Content Strategist is required to work with various types of teams within the company. And in many ways should dare to take the initiative itself; even work it alone. Passion to the company itself is necessary. The work need us to dig the content ourselves, find out the “gap” content that can be filled later, and so on.

6. Brand Auditor

All those marketing communication efforts not only be measured enough, but also analyzed further.

For example is analyzing the pattern of content and distribution medium that proven successful. Or analyzing the external conditions such as the content type that is happening in current audience perspective.

As a conclusion, content is a powerful marketing part which will ultimately affect the company’s brand. Role of brand auditor is to audit, research, analysis, and report back. All those input and recommendation distill back into the marketing cycle.

Copy Writer / Technical Editor at Xtremax